Mary Poppins - Mercury Theater Chicago. Director, Walter Stearns

I Left My Heart - Mercury Theater Chicago. Director, Kevin Bellie

Avenue Q - Mercuy Theater Chicago. Director, Walter Stearns

Leavings - Polarity Ensamble Theater. Director, Ashley Roberson

All Girl Dracula - The Mammals. Director, Bob Fisher

Hello & Goodbye - Bluebird Arts. Director, Luda Soloman 

Annie Jr. - Glencoe Park District. Director, Sarah Hall

Mendoza - Cacididae Productions LLC. Director, Jak Gavriel 

The Dancing Plague - The Right Brain Project. Director, Nathan Robbel

Much Ado About Nothing - Fury Theater. Director, Mark Dodge

Der Kaiser Von Atlantis - New Millenium Orchestra. Director, Joanie Shultz

Beautiful Broken - Broken Nose Theater. Director, Thomas Murray

Henry Moore is Melting - Cold Basement Dramatics. Director, Mikey Liard

Antigone - Cold Basement Dramatics. Director, Jack Bourgeois

Predator the Musical 2.0 - Roundhouse Productons. Director, Derek Elstro

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - St. James Community Theater. Direcetor, Kristy Warren

Additional Theater Work 

Wardrobe Supervisor, Mercury Theater.  November 2012 - Present 

Duties include, but are not limited to: Measuring actors, attending production meetings, attending and/or performing costume fittings, supervising costume load-in and strike, organizing dressing rooms, costume quick rigging, orchestrating/performing quick changes, running & maintaining shows, costume repairs, and performing the duties of a crew member or pseudo ASM

Stitcher, Mercury Theater Chicago.  November 2012 - Present

Managed costume build for The Christmas Schooner (for the past four years) and The Producers.

Part of the stitching team for Barnum, The Addams Family, The Color Purple, The Christmas Schooner, The Man Who Murdered Sherlock Holms, The Bardy Bunch, A Grand Night for Singing, The Producers, I Left My Heart & Mary Poppins 

Stitcher, Dury Lane Oakbrook. October 2016 - Present

Called into the costume shop 2-3 weeks before previews to quickly and accurately work through alteration and costume notes. 

Costume Shop Intern, Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Fall 2012

Duties Include: Assisting in costume construction, general shop support/maintenance, and assisting in inventory and maintenance of costume storage and rentals. 


Columbia College Chicago, BA Theater Design, cum laude. Fall 2008 - Spring 2012

Rutgers Conservatory at Shakespeare's Globe Theater, London. August - December 2010 


Walter Stearns: 312-933-3046,

Carol Blanchard: 773-450-2624,

Kristi Martens: 773-771-6575,

Frances Maggio: 773, 742, 7365,