Rachel Boylan is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with BA in theatrical design. 

She is well versed in costume construction, alteration techniques, draping, and Elizabethian original practices costuming. The later was learned during her time studying at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London under Jenny Tiramani. Stemming from that experience, Rachel's design esthetic tends towards first examining what would be period accurate and then looking for opperntunites to add a heightened theatrical element, whether that be texture, pattern, scale, etc ... 

Rachel has worked with all different size and scale theaters, including cast sizes ranging from 6 to 96, and budgets that range from $100 to $13,000. She has worked as an assistant, alone, with an assistant, and overseeing a team of builders. She is experienced using both domestic and industrial sewing machines, as well as serges, blind hemmers, grommet machines, and hand sewing techniques.

When not designing, Rachel works as Wardorbe Supervisor at Mercury Theater Chicago and stitches for various theaters around Chicago.  

You can contact her at rachelc.boylan@gmail.com